On October 26th NCSC members voted to approve a new name of the association. NCSC will now be known as Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities.

Nordic Council of Shopping Centers, NCSC, was founded in 1986 with the express purpose of representing the shopping center industry. Back then, shopping centers mainly existed to offer the most varied range of retail stores and brands to the greatest possible number of people.

In the early 2000s, as e-commerce started to gain traction, consumer behavior began to shift. People wanted more from their shopping excursions. A wider variety of retailers, more specialized brands, local curation, a broader selection of food and beverage, public services, easy access, and new experiences.

Developers, retailers, brands, and suppliers joined hands in the effort to create spaces and places that people want to visit and enjoy. Today, it’s about striking the ideal balance between services, experiences, and necessities – building communities.

NCSC’s members are shaping commercial spaces for every need and every person. The intersection where necessity meets possibility. They listen to and engage with the communities they serve. This enables them to meet people’s needs today, tomorrow and for many generations to come.

Against this backdrop, NCSC’s mission is evolving accordingly. Through a new name that will capture the commercial realities and societal ambitions of the association and its members. Under this banner, we will continue to humbly represent and champion an industry that adds tremendous value to the communities it serves. – Kajsa Hernell, Managing Director

The name of the association is from now on Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities.


"We’re dedicated to developing and deploying solutions that meet customer needs wherever and whenever they need us the most. This means fully realizing the function and purpose of the commercial spaces we inhabit. NCSC’s new name reflects and validates an ambition to engage with our customers on their terms."
Christopher Thour
Concept & Expansion Manager


"In transformative times where the retail industry stays strong together with a more experience- and service-oriented offer, it is natural that NSCS develops accordingly and reflects the interest and focuses of their members."

Louise Ryning
Director of Operations

Mall of Tripla

Our centers have changed into being spaces beyond shopping. They have become a vital part of communities where people spend their time. The new name emphasizes the importance of co-operation between owners, tenants, and customers – together we form the community that creates the commercial space that works.
Päivi Salonen, CEO


"Citycon views NCSC as a vital and valuable association. They have our full support and we’re actively involved with NCSC at various levels. Changing its name to Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities is wise and captures the evolution of the association, as well as the increasingly crucial and transformative role of commercial spaces."
Henrica Ginström


"Times are changing and we need to keep up. At BoConcept, this meant shifting from selling products to selling lifestyles. Commercial real estate operators, on the other hand, need to ensure that patrons feel welcome and want to keep coming back. NCSC’s new name, Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities, affirms this new and modern approach."
Mikael Andersson
Global Property & Expansion Director

Diös Fastigheter

NCSC’s new name is at once modern and timeless, reflecting a clear-eyed association that grasps every aspect of the commercial real estate space.

Knut Rost