About NCSC Awards

Celebrating great initiatives that drive the industry forward!

NCSC Awards starts with national competitions in each Nordic country, whose winners then compete against each other in the NCSC Nordic Awards finale. The first Nordic competition was held 2009 and as of 2018 the Nordic winner in category Best Shopping Center goes on to compete in ICSC European Awards. The purpose of the competition is to support the development of the shopping center industry by recognizing the best, most innovative and creative initiatives in the Nordics.

Competition categories

The first award to be founded was Best Shopping Center and it is considered the main competition category. Over the years, NCSC has established additional categories and in 2019 a brand new award for Sustainability will be introduced.

Best Shopping Center

This award will be given to a shopping center that has achieved something extraordinary, given its conditions and on its market, during the past year and can be seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry.

Best Sustainability

This award will be given to a center that has put sustainability on the agenda and set up its operations to satisfy today's and future requirements for how a center will contribute to society locally and globally.

Best Innovation

This award promotes innovative thinking and will be given to a center that has implemented a concept or an idea that goes beyond the traditional to create added value for visitors and center.

Best Marketing Campaign

There are many marketing campaigns brought to life each year. This award will be given to a center that has created an outstanding, time limited campaign with a clear goal and measurable effect.

Best Retail Concept

This is the industry's own award where shopping center managers nominate tenants they consider being great partners and offers its customer and the center an exceptional experience.