NCSC Awards

Entry for 2024 is now closed!

About NCSC Awards

NCSC Awards is an annual competition where we celebrate the industry’s most successful, innovative, and creative efforts. It starts with national competitions in each Nordic country, whose winners then compete against each other in a Nordic Finale. We encourage our members to compete in one or more categories – a great opportunity to show off your work and inspire others.

When are the winners elected?
Finland Awards: 9 April 2024 / Sweden Awards: 11 April 2024 / Denmark Awards: 16 April 2024 / Norway Awards: 15 May 2024
Nordic Finale: 18 September 2024

NCSC Finland Awards Finale

9 April 2024
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NCSC Finland Awards Finale

11 April 2024
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NCSC Denmark Awards Finale

16 April 2024

NCSC Norway Awards Finale

15 May 2024

General Rules and Assessment

Entries for national competitions must relate to projects in that same country. A commercial space must have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months to compete. Renovations and/or extensions must have been in operation for a minimum of 6 months to compete. Innovations and Marketing Campaigns must have been implemented during the past year.

There are no restrictions for a winner to enter the competition and win the following year. Only members of NCSC can apply to the competition with the exception for category Commercial Player of the Year. Applications must have been received by NCSC according to stated competition deadline, paid and fully completed.

Winners in each category are elected by a jury appointed by NCSC and consist of 3-5 industry professionals. Each jury member assesses the contributions individually based on set evaluation criteria. The jury may also do visits to evaluate on sight. In case of disagreement, the jury chair has the casting vote. Each jury chair in each category and country will take part in the Nordic jury.