About NCSC


NCSC is the organization representing the industry of commercial spaces and communities in the Nordic market. During 2022, NCSC changed its meaning to Nordic Commercial Spaces & Communities – an important reflection of the revitalization going on in our industry. It’s no longer just about shopping. It’s about striking the ideal balance between services, experiences, and necessities, to innovate commerce and serve communities.

NCSC was founded in 1986 and has members from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries. The list of members includes a wide variety of interest groups, ranging from real estate companies, tenants (retailers, F&B, commercial services, etc.), consultants, investors, trade associations, and city planners, to government and municipal authorities.

Mission and Vision

NCSC works for a continuous development of commercial spaces as an integrated part of society and brings together all the different interest groups and creates a neutral ground for professional discussions. To achieve that, NCSC organizes events in the Nordic countries, organizes educational study tours, collects, and publishes relevant reports and data, arranges the NCSC Awards – the largest Nordic industry award competition for commercial spaces and communities.

The Association aims to:

  1. Strengthen and promote interaction between all the stakeholders and public authorities regarding the establishment, development and operation of commercial spaces and centers. B. Contribute to the education of personnel working with the development and operation of commercial spaces and centers.
  2. Strengthen the position of commercial spaces and centers as an integral part of society and promote the development of commercial spaces and centers in the Nordic region.
  3. Strengthen the international exchange of information, ideas, and experiences through active involvement with similar European organizations and committees.
  4. Promote and broaden the range of research and surveys on commercial spaces and centers to ensure solid and continuous development.
  5. Aims to be a neutral spokesperson and source of information for the industry in the Nordic countries.

What we do

  • 40 industry events in the Nordic countries with up to 450 participants
  • Educational study tours
  • Industry reports and data
  • NCSC Awards – the largest award competition for the Nordic shopping center industry

NCSC Statutes