NCSC Denmark Awards

NCSC Denmark Awards 2019 - join our gala dinner and award show

NCSC Awards is the annual competition where we celebrate the industry’s most successful, innovative and creative efforts. It starts with national competitions in each Nordic country, whose winners then compete against each other in a Nordic Finale.

You can now sign up for participating in the gala dinner and award show October 24th at 15-22 in wonderful Charlottehaven in Copenhagen. The galla will both be with a great key note speaker Lewis Allen, director environment of Portland Design, a wonderful dinner with good time for networking and of course the award show with our four prices. As a special treat there will be a 'Sponsors afterparty' at the end of dinner.

Lewis Allen, Portland Design
As a special presentation at this years awardshow we present Lewis Allen, director of environment at Portland Design. Their goal and passion is to create brands, experiences and places that people love. Together with their customers they are future ready and make a difference in the market. Lewis Allen will inspire us with news form the design thinking and the order of environmental agenda, that is on top of mind in every branch.

The moderator of the evening is Mark le Fevre.

So hurry up and sign up!

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Best Shopping Center

Are you the best Country shopping center of the year? Our most prestigious award will be given to a center that can be seen as a role model and an inspiration for the entire industry. The Nordic winner in this category continues to compete in ICSC European Awards.

The finalists are:
Broen Shopping
Bruuns Galleri
FRB.C (Frederiksberg Centret)
Friis Shoppingcenter
Herning Centret
Lyngby Storcenter
Rødovre Centrum

This award will be given to a shopping center that has achieved something extraordinary given its conditions and on its market during the past year and can be seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry.

Best Innovation

Have you invested in something new and innovative this year? This award promotes innovative thinking and will be given to a center that has implemented a concept or an idea that goes beyond the traditional to create added value for visitors and center.

The finalists are:
Broen Shopping for Nordisk Film Biograferne
Field's for new creative spaces for great visits
Fisketorvet for nudging through positive reinforcement
FRB.C (Frederiksberg Centret) for opening a tourist information inside the mall
ROs Torv for redefine the shopping centre as a 'centre for humans'
Sillebroen for Click & Collect incl. an app for the customers

Best Marketing Campaign

Have you created a really successful marketing campaign this year? This award will be given to a center that has created an outstanding, time limited campaign or activity, with a clear goal and measurable effect.

The finalists are:
Bruuns Galleri for a campaign within the F&B segment with a unique event
Bryggen Vejle for a campaign to create footfall, make people come together and deliver entertainment for the customers
Field's for teaming up with Den Blå Planet create a fun universe with a strong partner who can bring edutainment to the event
Fisketorvet for creating Game Week - a campaign connected to gaming, while emphasizing Fisketorvet as the leading gaming destination
FRB.C (Frederiksberg Centret) for a campaign that create a differentiated intensive 3 day midseason
Kronen Vanløse for a late night shopping to inspire a wider audience with a fun experience linking
Rødovre Centrum for a campaign called 'Life in a box', that show how human beings are quick to stigmatise and put people in boxes

Best Retail Concept

Which is the most exciting retail concept of the year? In this category we celebrate the tenants that make shopping centers come alive. All NCSC members can nominate a candidate. The winner is appointed by a jury.


John Hansen

Director at KBH K - Commerce & Culture
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Charlotte Søndergaard

Expansion Responsible Bestseller
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Jakob Knudsen

Director - Contracts and Development at Clear Channel Denmark A/S
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Laurent Salama

CEO Owner at AREA Retail
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Award Partners

Rules for the kategories

  • The competition concerns shopping centers or shopping center projects in Denmark. New shopping centers or refurbishments must be fully completed by 2018-12-31.
  • Only members of the NCSC can apply to the competition or nominate candidates.
  • Registration for the competition is done by the property owner or his representative.
  • Application must have been received by NCSC no later than 2019-08-30.
  • Competition fee: 2 250 DKK per entry

Competition categories

  • Best Shopping Center
  • Best Innovation
  • Best Marketing Campaign
  • Best Retail Concept


Finalists and winners in each category are elected by a jury, appointed by NCSC. The jury consists of 3-5 people and are elected for 3 years. Each jury member assesses the contributions individually based on set criteria. The jury will also visit a selection of centers. Finally, it is that “extra something special” that decides who wins; if the center has achieved something extraordinary and can be seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry. In case of disagreement, the jury chairman has the casting vote.

Assessment criteria:

Best Shopping Center

  1. Finance
  2. Accessibility
  3. Concept
  4. Management
  5. Marketing
  6. Society Integration
  7. Environmental work (CSR)
  8. Tenant mix
  9. Architecture
  10. Innovation

Best Marketing Campaign

  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Objectives
  3. Marketing plan
  4. Media plan
  5. Brand building
  6. Events
  7. Target groups
  8. Sociala media
  9. Website
  10. Internal marketing
  11. General marketing
  12. Results
  13. Budget

Best Innovation

  1. Idea & Objectives
  2. Activity
  3. Creativity
  4. Results
  5. Budget