Study tour Gdańsk

4-5 April 2019


On April 4-5 we will arrange a two-day study tour to the large centre of economic life, science, culture, and a popular tourist destination - Gdańsk. The days contains city tour, interesting presentations and visits to the modern shopping and entertainment centers Forum and Riviera.
Program is subject to change

  • (Stągiewna 26, 80-750 Gdańsk, Poland)
  • The new urban shopping center Forum is situated in the inner city of Gdańsk and offers 62,000 m² GLA of retail, a multi-screen cinema, leisure facilities, restaurants and 1,100 parking spaces. It also includes a boutique hotel and the multi-functional Gdańsk Heritage Centre.

  • Beer seminary and mini beer tasting at Restaurant Brovarnia (Szafarnia 9, 80-755 Gdansk)
  • Dinner at hotel PURO restaurant
  • The Riviera Center is the shopping and entertainment center in Gdynia. 70 000 sqm of tenanting space holds close to 250 shops. Cutting-edge solutions were utilized in the Center’s architecture and design, Numerous playgrounds, distinctive seating spots, fountain area and frequent events and attractions area.

Destination highlights

Poland’s Baltic seaside city of Gdánsk has sat in the background for years as one of the most underrated cities in Europe. For a long time, this sleeping giant went unnoticed, until recently when the city suddenly became hugely popular with tourists. Gdańsk has a unique feel that sets it apart from other cities in Poland. Centuries of maritime ebb and flow as a major Baltic port; streets of distinctively un-Polish architecture influenced by a united nations of wealthy merchants who shaped the city’s past.

Suggested flights

4th April

From Finland
Helsinki-Gdánsk 8.05-9.05 straight

From Norway
Oslo Sandefjord - Gdánsk 8.55-9.55 straight
Oslo Sandefjord - Gdánsk 6.05-9.00 1stop CPH

From Sweden
Skavstan-Gdánsk 7.55-9.00 straight
Skavstan-Gdánsk 7.00-8.15 straight

From Denmark

Copenhagen- Gdánsk 8.05-9.00 straight

5th April

To Finland
Gdánsk-Helsinki 14.35-19.30 1 stop CPH
Gdánsk-Helsinki 15.35-22.20 1 stop CPH

To Norway
Gdánsk-Sandefjord 14.30-16.00 straight
Gdánsk- Gardemoen 15.35-17.05 straight

To Sweden
Gdánsk - Arlanda 14.35-17.30 1 stop CPH
Gdánsk- Skavstan 15.30-16.40 straight
Gdánsk-Arlanda 14.35-18.20 1 stop CPH

To Denmark

Gdánsk - Copenhagen 14.35-15.35 straight