Security Training Course

"Operational security and emergency response"

Stockholm|2 April 2020 |09:00-12:00
The protection of people, property, information and the reputation of a shopping center is always a management responsibility. But managing the security risks on a daily basis in a shopping center is only one part of the shopping center management’s responsibility. It is therefore vital for a shopping center to develop a structured, systematic and well-integrated way of working to identify and handle threats to the shopping center business and its environment.

Members: 1 150 SEK / Non-members: 1 955 SEK

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The training course should provide the participants an understanding for how to develop the different security and safety risk components in a shopping center environment, together with a hands-on experience in crisis management and emergency response. The course will combine classroom lectures with workshops and scenario based exercises.

Learning objectives

• Safety & security in a shopping center
• Structure, requirements and stake-holder’s expectations
• Management, leadership, roles and responsibilities
• Preparing for and handling a crisis
• Emergency planning and emergency response
• Tenant management and tenant contribution in emergencies
• Evacuation – Planning, preparations and execution
• High threat considerations
• A safe customer journey

Who should attend?

Shopping center managers
Property managers

Pre Reading

We recommend you to download the new edition of "A risk and security common sense guideline for shopping centers".

The security training course is conducted in collaboration with SAFE ShoppingCenters.