Breakfast seminar

25 november 2021

Breakfast seminar

25 november 2021, 08.30-10:00, Madklubben Fredriksberg

A place has always a special vibe. Something that makes it unique to the people that live, work and visit it. So how can we harness that? "Localism" and "the 15-minute city" have become new concepts during the pandemic and aim to offer a comfortable and more sustainable consumption, tailored to the local area. We have invited Charlotte Søndergaard, expansion responsible Bestseller, Thomas Thalbitzer, Center Manager Fredriksberg Centret and Mogens Bjerre, Associate professor Copenhagen Business School for a conversation about the tailor-made offer.

The seminar is free of charge and includes breakfast - welcome!

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Charlotte Søndergaard

Expansion Responsible

Thomas Thalbitzer

Center Manager
Fredriksberg Centret

Mogens Bjerre

Associate professor
Copenhagen Business School

Kajsa Hernell

Managing Director