Community of the Future


Community of the Future

25 Aug 2021 |9.00-10.00|Zoom
The world as we know it is changing more rapidly than ever, becoming increasingly interconnected, interdependent and complex. Urban environments need to be attractive for people to want to spend time there. The pandemic has already affected the way we live, work and move. 

What will redefine the communities we live in in the future to meet new demands? What are the weak spots and strengths of the communities that have been revealed by the pandemic? And how does this affect the development of new communities such as Citycon’s project RE: Liljeholmen? Do we see any enduring effects on retail?

Anna Mocsáry

Senior Market Insight Manager

Sandra Perslund

Centre Manager Liljeholmstorget Galleria

Veronica Palmgren

Urban Development Director

Kajsa Hernell

Managing Director and Moderator