Unique concepts – a winning Ingka Centres’ strategy 

With fresh commercial concepts developed internally and with the needs of the local communities in mind, Ingka Centres is happy to show that nothing beats a really good idea. Circuit, a circular concept store in Birsta City, Sundsvall, Sweden, is one example. It was crowned Innovative Concept of the Year at NCSC Sweden Awards 2023 and Sustainability Initiative of the Year at Svensk Handels Retail Awards 2023. 

Lars Wild-Nordlund, Operations Manager Nordics at Ingka Centres, you must be proud? 
Oh yes, definitely! We know that we are onto something good with Circuit so we are very happy and proud to see that others also see the value of such a concept.

So, for those who are unfamiliar with Circuit, could you please give an elevator pitch? 
It’s a focal point and a platform for circularity, where some 20 partners offer services and products to customers. Second-hand shopping, repair services, rental, swapping, you name it. Plus, events and workshops with lots of inspiration and guidance for a sustainable and circular lifestyle. Very hands-on.

And if we keep the elevator going, how would you describe your reasoning behind the concept? 
By promoting the benefits and importance of circular living, Circuit makes a sustainable lifestyle more accessible, affordable and attractive for the many people. And we also aim to help our visitors to learn more about circular living and how to contribute towards positive changes for our planet. If you hang out with us you’re going to hear the term ”people and planet positive” sooner or later, and that is how we want to reason in a nutshell. Consumer interest is surging in this area, and Circuit is all about it. 

And developing concepts such as this seems to be quite rewarding for you guys? 
Yes, it seems that way, looking at the awards this year! We were very excited to win at NCSC Sweden Awards and of course also the Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the Swedish Retail Award. Now we’re just keeping our fingers crossed for the NCSC Nordic Awards Finale!

I would like to mention some other eye-catching projects in the Nordic cluster: Hej! Workshop, our co-working concept in Kungens Kurva Shopping Centre, which was also a nominee for Innovative Concept of the Year at NCSC Awards in Sweden. And our brilliant colleagues in Matkus won the Finnish prize for Best Marketing Campaign, with ”The Year of Mental Wellbeing”. It was great to see how well they handled such a sensitive topic. So yes, what else could you be but proud? 

Want to know more about Circuit – read here.

About Ingka Centres

Ingka Centres is a global developer of retail-led destinations. Being a part of Ingka Group, together with IKEA Retail and Ingka Investments, they have 50 years of experience in shopping centres, working with 3000 brands in 47 assets on 14 markets around the world. Last year Ingka Centres welcomed 370 million visitors. 

Ingka Centres is shaping next-generation meeting places that are designed to bring people together and challenge retail conventions in a way that positively impacts the community and the planet.