NCSC welcomes Blachere Illumination as a Nordic Premium Partner 

NCSC is delighted to have entered into a long-term partnership with Blachere Illumination – a shining star in the field of decorative lighting. As an industry-leading actor, they have shown to take great responsibility for environmental issues, something we were curious to ask Managing Director Sweden, Andreas Phamgia more about.

Kajsa Hernell, Managing Director at NCSC with Andreas Phamgia, Managing Director Sweden at Blachere Illumination.

Could you present Blachere Illumination briefly?
Blachere Illumination is a French company founded in 1973 in APT in the South of France, and this year we’re proudly celebrating our 50th anniversary! We design, create, and produce summer and winter decorations and illuminations in 80 countries around the world using eco-responsible materials. Fundamentally, we believe that light not only illuminates shopping centers, cities, or living spaces – it has the power to amaze, enlighten and bring people together.

How do you bring your visions to life? Tell us about some of your international projects.
We illuminated the Eiffel Tower for the new millennium, making it sparkle, and this brought us increased international recognition. We now have 27 subsidiaries around the world and are constantly innovating to decorate towns and shopping centers throughout the year. This represents 1,000 towns and 800 shopping centers, as well as 4 production plants.

Wherever our projects take us, we work with the same attention to detail to illuminate the smallest village or the most famous shopping center. It’s essential to be able to understand and adapt to our customers’ local cultures, practices, desires and challenges, whether in Mexico, the United States, Dubai or the Nordics.

How do you work to contribute to a more sustainable future?
Sustainability has been part of our DNA for over 15 years. We have made LEDs the standard for our illuminations since 2008 and 100% of our illuminations are equipped with the best LEDs since then.
In addition, we have created eco-responsible materials, for which we are the only patent holders on the market, as well as ingenious tools to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize our customers’ installations. Thanks to materials such as Bioprint and Recyprint, for example, we reduce the use of aluminum (which is recyclable) by 80% in our decorations.

100% of our illuminations are recyclable, as are their electronic components. Reconciling the magic of Christmas with eco-responsibility is our daily commitment.

It seems quite exciting, particularly in relation to the major trends in commercial spaces.
Yes, it is! Commercial spaces are no longer just places where we go to buy things, they are spaces where we eat, spend time together, get entertained, hang out, and simply enjoy. They go beyond the traditional shopping center. Today it’s about serving communities by striking the ideal balance between services, experiences, and necessities. This involves many different interest groups such as town centers, property owners, and tenants. It is this transition that we aim to support.

What would you like to say concerning our exclusive partnership?
Our Nordic teams have been established for several years and we are very proud to enter into this partnership with NCSC. We share the same values and passion for the industry. We’re looking forward to working with you and to make the activities you offer your members a unique experience!

Blachere Illumination

Andreas Phamgia (Sweden)
+46 726 01 66 46

Jesper Santa Clausen (Denmark)
+45 30 26 76 30

Juha Lohikari (Finland)
+358 400 872 606

Julien Laurent (Head Office)
+33 6 80 38 52 32