Marketing Campaign of the Year

NCSC Sweden Awards

Enter by 23 February 2024!

Marketing Campaign of the Year

Did you create an outstanding marketing campaign last year?
This award recognizes the most effective marketing campaigns in the retail destination industry. The winner will have utilized the commercial space to create an experience for the visitor and can be anything from a pop-up event or a community building activity. A marketing campaign is a time-limited event with a clear goal and measurable effect.

Who can apply?
Any NCSC member e.g. landlords, tenants, consultants, suppliers etc.

What are the jury looking for?
The entries need to clearly demonstrate the strategy and objectives of the campaign, along with achieved results. The winning entry will be an innovative idea that shows a unique approach and impactful delivery.

Billy McCormac, Senior Advisor, Gullers Group (Jury Chair)
Victoria Bergman, CEO, InPlace Development

How to enter
Complete and send in below registration form by 23 February 2024.
Competition fee: 3.000 SEK/entry.

2024: NCSC Awards Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign of the Year

As the winner will go on to compete in the Nordic Finale, we kindly ask you to provide your answers in English, but you may fill out the form in Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian if you prefer.

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Content and links

Please provide your logo, a few photos, and a video or PPT presentation (max 1 min) that explains your campaign. The video will be shown at the NCSC Awards Finale. If the video is too large to upload, please send it via wetransfer or similar to

Maximum upload size: 52.43MB

Contact and billing information

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Contact person
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A competition fee of 3.000 SEK/DKK/NOK or €300 + VAT will be charged upon entry.

Rules and Assessment

Entries for national competitions must relate to projects in that same country. The marketing campaign must have been implemented during the past year. There are no restrictions for a winner to enter the competition and win the following year. Only members of NCSC can apply to the competition. Applications must have been received by NCSC according to stated competition deadline, paid and fully completed.

Winners in each category are elected by a jury, appointed by NCSC, and consist of 3-5 industry professionals. Each jury member assesses the contributions individually based on set evaluation criteria. Finally, it is that “something special” that decides who wins; if the competitor has achieved something extraordinary and can be seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry. In case of disagreement, the jury chair has the casting vote. Each jury chair in each category and country will take part in the Nordic jury group.