Best Retail Concept

NCSC Finland Awards 2022

Best Retail Concept

Which is the most exciting retail concept of the year? In this category, we celebrate the tenants that make our centers come alive! NCSC members can nominate any tenant they think offers customers and the center something exceptional.

Noora Hautakangas, CEO, Relove
Noora Fagerström, Co-Founder, Jungle juice
Tiina Fågel, Director, Strategic Client Accounts, Property Management, CBRE Finland

2022: NCSC Awards Best Retail Concept, Runde 1

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Rules and Assessment

Winners in each category are elected by a jury, appointed by NCSC. The jury consists of 3-5 people and are elected for 3 years. Each jury member assesses the contributions individually based on set criteria. Finally, it is that “something special” that decides who wins; if the company has achieved something extraordinary and can be seen as a role model and an inspiration to the entire industry. In case of disagreement, the jury chair has the casting vote. Each jury chair in each category and country will take part in the Nordic jury groups for the Nordic finale.