Study tours

We arrange a yearly study tour for inspiration and updates on what is happening within our industry abroad. Together we have visited shopping centers and industry players in Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and the Middle East. In addition there are national study tours arranged by our NCSC boards in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. These tours usually have a European focus. There are still places to see and explore.

Study Tour to Abu Dhabi

Join us to Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, the riches of the emirates & one of the fastest developing tourist and retail destinations in the world. When: 18-22th March 2018 >> Register here Our visit will combine guided visits with presentations and insights from local experts in the market. We will learn how a […]

Study Tour to Vienna

April 12 – 15 NCSC Norway is hosting a study tour to Vienna. Austria`s capital is synonymous with beauty and charm, and is an interesting place to go for new knowledge and inspiration. Join us on a four-day trip where we explore Vienna`s shopping centers foods and networking in and around the city. We will […]