One of our main tasks is to enhance and promote a truly professional workforce in the industry. We have done so since 1991. In 2013 we started a world unique collaboration together with four prestigious universities in the Nordics; KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, CBS Copenhagen Business School, NHH the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen and Aalto University in Helsinki. With the growing internationalization and ever higher demands on the industry we considered it imperative to liaise with the academic world.
In 2017 we are ready to take the next step. We have updated the content of the program and open up for more alternatives to attend our courses customized for the shopping center industry. The first course/module in 2017 is Market Analysis at KTH in Stockholm, march 27-29.

NCSC Business Program Diploma

Meet the challenges in the Shopping Center Industry – sign up for full Diploma program at NCSC Business Program Growing internationalization, higher demands of the center management, big changes in the industry and the society- how can you meet those changes? We believe in new knowledge and networking cross the boarders! NCSC has a long educational tradition. Since […]

Market and Investment Analysis

When the market for retail center is changing due to increased competition, what are the effects on footfall and the turnover of the center? What is the likely impact of these changes on the market value of the retail center? Will there be a loss of asset value? How do you as a center- or […]

Center Management in the Future

In this module we will analyze future challenges and discuss how to increase resilience and innovativeness in our organizations. Two practical tools for leading and managing change are introduced: First we learn how to influence without manipulation, and second we learn how to use tools developed and first used by successful start-up companies.The module emphasizes […]

Asset Management

Understanding financial decisions making is key skill for every manager- be it to understand the impact of rent discussions or to evaluate the costs and benefits of long time expansion decisions. This module will lay the foundations for you to master these essential skills. Sign up for this single course or a full Diploma program at NCSC […]

Branding and the Marketing Plan

Retailing as such, and shopping malls in particular, are undergoing massive changes. This concerns the tenant mix, the consumer footfall, and the reasons why people visit shopping malls and the individual tenants. Branding comes in many concepts, and we will explore these in an attempt to identify perspectives, that could be useful for every participant […]